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Dental Care You Need & The Care You Deserve

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Dental procedures












  • Veneers (porcelain - composite)

  • Dental Crown / Bridge 

  • Dental Implants

  • Composite resin restorations / white Fillings

  • Gum Disease Treatments / dental cleaning

  • Treatment of gingivitis or periodontitis

  • Endodontics 

  • Teeth whitening 

  • Onlays- Inlays

  • Dentures

  • Smile designs

Botox treatments
Dermal Fillers
Hyalouronic acid 
Botox and dermal fillers are cosmetic treatments given through injections, usually in a doctor’s office. They are minimally invasive, meaning they do not involve surgery
Our Clinic

The Dental Clinic is based in Paphos, Cyprus. This is a private dental practice that guarantees full peace of mind by utilising the latest materials, the most up to date equipment and ensuring our staff are trained to the highest standard.

Using the highest hygiene and sterilization requirement we cover a wide spectrum of Dental and Surgical services offering the best level of care. 
The clinic has been designed to create a relaxed and reassuring environment for its patients. 

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